Vapers Carnivale Update July 2018

Hello Everybody, there’s been alot of research going on behind the scenes trying to figure out where to go next. We have picked Oklahoma City, Oklahoma , the Cox Convention Center , because there hasn’t been a convention there in a long time and we know how old it is going to the same places over and over again. The Cox Convention Center is a state of the art venue with up to 80,000 sq.ft. of continuous space, with all the amenities that you guys saw in Chattanooga and more. 2 Hotels are connected to the venue in downtown Oklahoma City, one by air bridge and one by underground tunnel! 2 more great hotels are also right across the street , giving you 4 excellent choices for lodging. Chattanooga has some fun stuff to do and is rich in cowboy history, so if you’ve never eaten a lamb fry … you better get ready for some good steakhouses! The Airport is minutes from the venue / hotel and downtown Oklahoma City has tons of history and art museums if you’re into that kind of stuff, like I am. With Dallas and Tulsa in driving distance, the positioning of the expo is perfect to grab some traffic from some pretty large cities , collectively almost 10 million population in our local promotional range.  Lot’s of vape shops in the area and we will be hitting all of those guys over the next couple of months. We want to get our What’s in the Box promotion started soon, so if you’re wanting to get the most from your sponsorship dollars, you should act fast in securing your spot.

We’ve got some new policies going into place to address some minor issues we had in Chattanooga, but we’ve listened to the feedback and we think the new policies will put much of those issues to rest. Read your exhibitor’s kit and everything will be clear as to what issues were or weren’t corrected, and let us know how we can improve your experience at our expo!

Carny Awards are back, special thanks to Eric Shields with Marlin Steam Co. for coming up with the idea! And so is the Modders Gallery , which was a crazy big success in Chattanooga! Special Thanks to Lucy Noble from Streamline Vape Co. for putting that together for us. We will be posting the content from the My Vape Journey booth soon, we are still trying to edit it and get a website built for it, Special Thanks to Aspire, BLVK Unicorn, Nitros Cold Brew, and Mr. Salt-E for providing products and education for the participants, and thanks to Davia Gorman for being our host. The My Vape Journey Booth will be back, focusing on hearing your vape stories to be available for public viewing on an unbranded, self contained project. No sponsorships, No advertisements, just people telling their stories and their vape journeys.

This expo is going to be amazing and we are going to convert more smokers than ever before! I’m trying to get in touch with the person who runs OVAL (Oklahoma Smoke Free Association), if anyone has their contact info could you please email me. We’ve Selected Casaa, Sfata, TH4Life, and OVAL as our sponsored advocacy organizations. We cover the cost for travel/hotels for these organizations but we are open to providing booth space to other groups if it makes sense. If we added the travel expenses into the advocacy donations our total would have been over $50k instead of just 30k in the past year , Advocacy sponsorships help more of that money go to them , just a subtle hint. Thanks to you guys though, we affected 600 smokers lives in the past year!!! That number doesn’t sound so big, but then you count every life that they are connected to …. we’re changing populations together! That’s about 2 smokers a day , every day , for a year ! Let’s do more!

Update: OVAL is now VaO , The Vaping Advocates of Oklahoma (and they’re coming too) . We are also looking into having the VTA participate instead of SFATA for this expo. Maybe both, who knows ? Opinions sent to byrdman@deepsouthvc.com will be considered.

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