Adult only event. Age will be verified the day of the event. Underage attendance prohibited.


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    Code of conduct

    In order to provide the best experience for all parties, there are a few simple rules that every Carnivale goer should know!

    Adults Only

    This event is meant for adults of legal age to purchase or possess tobacco products in your state. No Children allowed regardless of supervision, please don't ask us to make an exception, we cannot. 

    Smokers start here

    Remember where we all came from and how confusing it all was, if you see someone wearing a yellow arm band , let them know that we're in it together! One life at a time, a smoke-free future is just a step away!

    No Harassment

    Absolutely no harassment of other vendors, guests, performers or staff for any reason at any time will be tolerated by anyone. We are gathered together to celebrate a smoke-free lifestyle, in unity , we reserve the right to remove anyone who disrupts that unity without refund.


    Our staff and volunteers are there to help you with any problem that you may have, if you have a question or need any assistance, please just look for anyone wearing a purple Vapers Carnivale Staff Shirt and ask!